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Barbuda here we come!

Some of you may recall that, on the night of 6 September, the eye of Hurricane Irma passed over the tiny island of Barbuda, bringing with it winds of about 185mph, damaging some 90% of properties, and leading to the evacuation of all 1,800 residents to Antigua.

After the storm had passed, Anne and I talked about going down for a couple of weeks to help out with the clean up and, guess what, we're actually going this Sunday, wow!

There have been some amazing efforts by many parties over the last five months to start restoring order to the Island but there is, as I write, apparently no running water and no mains electricity (as well as no banking services), so it's going to be interesting to see what we encounter when there!

Having said that, the daily ferry service from Antigua is apparently up and running (which we hope is the case as we're booked on it on Monday!) and I also read that at least one school is reopening shortly (that'll please the kids!) so slowly but surely progress is being made......

Anyway, we'll try to provide updates via this blog periodically for those of you interested to follow what we're up to!

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