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My curiosity about the origin of the America's Cup has taken me on a long and wondrous journey of visits to Museums and shipyards throughout Old and New England and to the libraries of esteemed institutions like the Royal Yacht Squadron and the New York Yacht Club. 

It left me with enough material to write a book and here we are, a few years later and "Sparrowhawk" has taken flight!

But it didn’t stop there – I hadn’t anticipated what would follow after the launch at the Royal Thames Yacht Club; the book wasn’t the end of my trip, merely a beginning. It has taken me to new places and, more importantly, given me the opportunity to meet fascinating people with inspiring tales to tell. A dream come true for someone who is passionately curious about her fellow beings while confirming what I had found out writing Sparrowhawk: what happens in real life, I could only partly dream up. 


Here are some travel stories….click here to read more 

A. Scholte

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