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  • Annemarie Scholte

Ready for cast-off

I should have added to my May the 1st-message that INEOS Britannia’s new racing yacht for the 37th America’s Cup was going to be sailed for the first time that day! Exciting for so many reasons as much work has gone into this moment.

Credit: Ineos Britannia

I should have also added that the Americans of 1851 did manage to finish and launch their yacht on the 3rd of May 1851 - more than a month later than the original contract with the members of the New York Yacht Club had stipulated.

But I guess with no less excitement, or should I call it trepidation as they had rushed to get their yacht completed which meant worries about her not being race ready. Their concerns were perhaps different from those of the ‘Cyclors’ (cycling sailors) who haven’t spent much time yet on a foiling yacht that can do potentially over 50 knots; the American yacht builder's main concern was a leaky boat since the wooden hull hadn’t swollen tight yet.

I guess testing the boat on the water, then and now, was only the beginning of what is going to happen in the months ahead.

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