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Dutch sailors

Clubhouse 'Muiden'

No time to be idle, a trip to the Netherlands awaits and finally a chance to talk to Dutch sailors about the America's Cup and Sparrowhawk!

I visited two amazing sailing and rowing clubs in Holland, both belonging to the oldest water sports clubs in the country.

First up was the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Zeil-& Roeivereeniging who have their home in the harbour of Muiden in full view of one of its attractions: “Muiderslot” (Muider Castle).

Just like with my second visit, one to the “Koninklijke Roei- en Zeilvereeniging De Maas” in Rotterdam, I was treated to a wonderful meal and given another opportunity to meet the most interesting people possessing a wealth of knowledge about sailing (and rowing)!

‘De Maas’ has her home in the harbour “Veerhaven” on the river de Maas and looks across the water to the former office of the Holland America Line (now Hotel New York). I could go on, you see, Dutch history is inseparable from the ocean and her rivers.

I have been spoiled by both Clubs and left their clubhouses with wonderful nautical stories and numerous gifts.

Clubhouse 'De Maas'

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